A few weeks ago I was invited by @shopcentercity and @visitphilly to a 3 day getaway to Philadelphia for fashion week. It was my first time visiting and all I gotta say is that philly fulfilled all my expectations! Here’s a recap of the cool places I visited , some pictures of the city and all my outfits!


For day 1 I got there at 2pm and as soon as I got to philly I checked in at the @sonestaphilly hotel downtown. The staff was super kind and welcoming and the views from my hotel room were amazing! Definitely recommend this hotel!

Like at 5pm I finally met the other influencers that were in philly for the same event and the PR team that organized everything for us! We had dinner at an amazing Mediterranean restaurant and later that night we had seats for one of the fashion week events that were happening during our stay!

It was just the first day and I was having a blast already. Philly surprised me in a good way and I couldn’t wait for the next day and more activities!


Day 2 was all about the shopping experience! We visited some amazing shops at the center city district where all the main shopping retailers and best restaurants are!

After exploring the fashion district of Philadelphia we had lunch at “Veda” an Indian inspired food restaurant and I loved every single item on the menu! If you are in Philly you definitely need to check this place out!

for the rest of the day we were free to do whatever we wanted so I decided to visit the One liberty observatory deck and it was amazing! Thank you to @visitphilly for the vip media pass which made the experience so much easier and fun!


The last day of our stay was our time to visit the historical parts of the city and I couldn’t leave Philly without taking a picture in front of the city hall! This trip has been an amazing experience and if you’re looking for a weekend trip, Philly is definitely the place to go! Amazing food, the cutest spots to take pictures and an amazing shopping experience. What else do you need?

XX Antonio

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